The CPI group employs nearly 150 employees in two remanufacturing plants based in Wednesbury, UK and Houdeng-Goegnies, Belgium. The combined production and office area of both plants is in the region of 25,000 sq m.


Our business is to supply a range of high quality remanufactured products including steering racks, steering pumps and brake calipers that have been produced with minimum impact on the environment.


Our committed employees are key to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our business.



A steering rack can always be re-smelted but through remanufacturing we are able to re-use the core of the part many times. It has been estimated that this can reduce energy consumption, raw material consumption, CO2 emissions and landfill by 80% to 90%.


As there is no compromise on quality and performance, this is not only the environmentally responsible choice but also good business and in-line with the highest standards for corporate responsibility.


With such stunning numbers there is no doubt that the contribution of remanufacturing is significant. For CPI, combining good business and sound environmental products is a part of our heritage.



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