With almost 900 items, CPI's programme of power steering pumps offers a comprehensive coverage in Europe of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Three primary types are offered: 1) Electro-hydraulic pump - driven by electric motor 2) Electronic I - hydraulic pump driven by electric motor with one-way communication to ECU 3) Electronic II - hydraulic pump driven by electric motor with two-way communication to ECU.

EGR valves efficiently reduce spillage of Nitrogen oxide. The system reuses up one percentage - between 5-35 percent depending on engine model - of the exhaust emission gasses.


EGR valves were added to CPI's product range in 2013. We already cover more than 60 percent of the vehicles running on the European roads. We expect full coverage of the EGR area in the following years. The remanufactured EGR valves are manufactured by our production company in Belgium, where they have several years of experience with the product range. They are supplied complete with all gaskets and seals.




With more than 3,300 starter products, Car Parts Industies is a market leader in starter applications covering not only passenger cars and vehicles of all brands, but also marine, construction and agricultural applications.


The products are easy to find in user-friendly catalogs, either based on cross-reference numbers or on type of application. New applications will continuously be added to the product range and made available online on TECDOC and TECDOC.


The range of remanufactured alternators covers several markets - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to agricultural, marine, and construction vehicles.


With a range of more than 2,700 items, Car Parts Industries is capable of complying with almost any request from Europe's specialist market.


Car Parts Industries range of A/C compressors is a highly developed program. The products are of the same high quality and variety as you would expect from Car Parts Industries.


All large vehicles on the European roads are covered in the A/C Compressor program The A/C catalog makes it easy to find exactly the product that is necessary.


As a product range, remanufactured brake calipers are growing. Our customers require supply security of calipers for all car makes and models being at the workshops around Europe. They can have this with us.


Brake calipers are remanufactured to the same high quality standards as applied to rotating electrics. All the most popular passenger cars and small vans are covered in the program. We are continuously expanding the programme and the introduction of new applications to constantly being able to service the European vehicle market.

Steering Racks

CPI holds an extensive Steering Rack programme for European applications. At our own remanufacturing plant in the United Kingdom, we support a wast range of vehicles.


With more than 1,000 Steering Rack part numbers, CPI is offering an extensive range which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles of all makes.Through user friendly catalogues based on cross reference numbers or by application type. New applications are constantly added to the programme and made accessible through both TecDoc and the catalogues.

Steering Pumps

Electrical Power Steering Columns

All remanufactured steering columns get a renovated control box and motor, which go through extensive tests. The steering columns are tested at a number of different speeds of 10, 60, 100 and 140 km/h. As the other CPI products, they are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2001, which ensure products of consistent high quality and elegant finish.


The parts that do not pass the test are replaced with new parts of OE-standard. Furthermore, we upgrade the product from a 16 amp circuit breaker to a 32 amp, which effectively reduces overheating and extends product life. Our brand websites and TECDOC are continuously updated to reflect the development of the program.

EGR Valves


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